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Suspension of Poultry Assembly in GA is Rescinded Effective Immediately

UPDATE: Avian Influenza (Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) and Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza (LPAI)

To: All Georgia Poultry Producers

From: Robert M. Cobb, Jr., DVM, State Veterinarian

SUSPENSION OF POULTRY ASSEMBLY IS RESCINDED: Effective immediately all poultry exhibitions, shows, sales (flea markets, auction markets), swaps, and meets in the State of Georgia are permitted to return to normal operation.


 Due to the lack of recent and additional confirmations and ongoing investigations of Avian Influenza in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky and Georgia;

 Upon release, on this day, of the Georgia LPAI Surveillance Zone in Chattooga County after multiple rounds of negative sample surveillance;

 Due to extensive negative surveillance in commercial and backyard poultry in all the affected states;

 Due to the continually increasing warm temperatures found in Georgia at this time;

The Georgia Poultry Assembly Suspension, effective on March 16, 2017, is rescinded immediately.

As a reminder, Avian Influenza resides in our wild birds, especially wild waterfowl. In order to protect your flock from disease, it is sound practice to maintain BIOSECURITY at all times. It is recommended that Georgia poultry producers and enthusiasts (commercial and backyard) observe the following:

1. Implement BIOSECURITY on all poultry premises at all times. Helpful information can be found at:

2. Any contact with wild birds of any kind, especially waterfowl, their habitat, or their droppings should be avoided.

3. In addition to wild birds, prevent the introduction of disease by other animals (rodents, snakes, dogs, etc.) and fomites (inanimate objects: buckets, boots, rakes, cages, trailers, trucks, equipment of any kind). These non-avian animals and fomites can be a vehicle to transmit disease into your flock. Remember, BIOSECURITY – AT ALL TIMES!

4. Take the necessary precautions around any assemblies, gatherings or congregation points – do not bring disease back to your poultry. Clean and disinfect yourself, any items and your vehicle before returning to your farm. Always isolate any new additions for a period of time to help prevent introduction of disease into your flock.

5. Closely monitor your flocks for signs of disease. Report any sick birds or concerns immediately.

6. Enroll in the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP). Information on NPIP can be found at:

7. Register your flock at:

8. Please contact the HPAI HOTLINE for reporting of any sick birds or for questions related to HPAI.

Georgia Department of Agriculture (855) 491-1432

Georgia Poultry Laboratory (770) 766-6850

The Georgia Department of Agriculture would like to thank all affected parties for their cooperation and professionalism during the recent event. The Department’s Incident Command Team for Avian Influenza appreciates all of the assistance received from our numerous partners during this event.

Additional information about avian influenza can be found at .

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