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Radon Awareness Workshop - RESCHEDULED

January 28

January is Radon Awareness month. Carroll County Extension will be hosting a Radon Awareness workshop Saturday, January 28, 2017 at 10 AM at the Tanner Health Systems, 705 Dixie Street, Carrollton. There will be light refreshments. To RSVP or for more infomation contact Michelle Lewis at (770) 836-8546.


  • Jan 24
  • 7:00 PM | Greenville, GA
  • The class will be taught by Brian Maddy, ANR Agent for Troup County. Poultry housing topics to be covered are permanent and portable housing, space requirements, design, location, building materials, and security.
  • Jan 28
  • 10:00 AM | Carrollton, GA
  • January is Radon Awareness Month.Gabrielle Dean will be here to talk about this odorless, tasteless, invisible gas and what you can do to make your home a safer environment. There will be light refreshments.
  • Feb 3
  • 8:30 AM | Canton, GA
  • Proper food safety practices help protect both consumers and producers of local food products. Join UGA Extension Agents Josh Fuder, Alexis Roberts, and Heather Kolich for a training that will equip growers and market managers with information and protocols to improve food safety on the farm and at the market. Registration fee ($5)includes information packet and certificate of completion. Space is limited, so please register now!
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Extension News

  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Published 1/20/2017 by Clint Thompson
  • UGA Extension research trials conclude that Georgia's warm temperatures work against Brussels sprouts production in Georgia.
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  • Fake Flowers
  • Published 1/19/2017 by Norman Winter
  • Primulas provide 12 to 14 weeks of unimaginable color that can't be matched.
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  • Piggy Bank Contest
  • Published 1/19/2017 by Casey Chastain
  • UGA Extension helping to train a new generation of savers through DIY piggy bank contest.
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Extension Publications

    • Your Household Water Quality: Odors in Your Water (C 1016)
    • Published 12/21/2016
    • Homeowners sometimes experience unpleasant odors in their household water. In many cases, the exact cause of the odor is difficult to determine by water testing; however, this publication provides a few general recommendations for treating some common causes of household water odors.
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    • Native Plants for Georgia Part I: Trees, Shrubs and Woody Vines (B 987)
    • Published 9/19/2016
    • This publication focuses on native trees, shrubs and woody vines for Georgia. It is not our intent to describe all native species — just those available in the nursery trade and those that the authors feel have potential for nursery production and landscape use. Rare or endangered species are not described. Information on each plant is provided according to the following categories: Common Name(s)/Botanical Name/Family, Characteristics, Landscape Uses, Size, Zones and Habitat.
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    • Vegetable Garden Calendar (C 943)
    • Published 5/25/2016
    • The recommendations in this circular are based on long-term average dates of the last killing frost in the spring and first killing frost in the fall. Every year does not conform to the "average," so you should use your own judgment about advancing or delaying the time for each job, depending on weather conditions.
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