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The mission of Liberty County Agriculture & Natural Resources program is to teach people how to improve their use of plants, animals and the environment. We assist individuals in making critical decisions concerning their lives, their businesses, and their communities. We cultivate knowledge and identify emerging needs, provide unbiased, researched information; and facilitate partnerships to better serve the citizens of Liberty County.

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Availability of high speed internet is a serious concern in many of our rural areas.

CVIOG is currently assisting the Georgia General Assembly’s Joint High-Speed Broadband Communications Access for all Georgians Study Committee by providing a web based survey tool for Georgians to report their access to broadband. This study committee, co-chaired by Senator Steve Gooch and Representative Don Parsons, is currently holding meetings throughout Georgia with the next one scheduled for Thursday in Glennville.  The information gathered in these meetings will be supplemented with this survey data. 

The goal is to get rural Georgians to visit the website http://broadband.georgia.gov/ to: 

1.       View what access is currently reported as available in their area;

2.       Perform a recorded speed test if they currently have broadband access; and, 

3.       Complete a brief survey about broadband availability at their home and/or business.

Our staff will analyze the collected data and produce maps to be posted on the Georgia Broadband Center website, which we host and developed in partnership with the Georgia Technology Authority a few years ago.  These maps and other information will be available to the study committee as it considers policy options as well as anyone who is interested in expanding broadband access in rural Georgia.

We will collect data through June of 2017 and provide final analysis at that time; however, we want to collect as much data as possible by December 1 so that the study committee will have it for their final deliberations prior to the General Assembly session. 


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  • Oct 21-Oct 24
  • Athens, GA
  • Georgia 4-H Weekend in the Classic City is a 4-H Event hosted by the State of Georgia Collegiate 4-H Clubs in Athens, Georgia. All high school 4-H'ers in 9th through 12th grades are welcome to attend this event. Weekend in the Classic City helps high school 4-H'ers prepare for the challenges of transitioning from high school to college and prepares them to do this successfully. Students will hear from UGA Admissions, UGA Office of Student Financial Aid, and the CAES Ambassadors. Students will take a tour of historic North Campus, eat lunch with group leaders in downtown Athens, visit the UGA Bookstore, eat in a UGA Dining Hall, and visit a UGA residence Hall. Representatives from colleges and universities throughout Georgia will spend time talking with delegates about opportunities at their colleges as well.
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