UGA Extension Office


Cooperative Extension is an outreach branch of the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, College of Family and Consumer Sciences and Georgia 4-H.  Our office serves the residents of Gordon County with unbiased, research-based education in the areas of agriculture, natural resources, family development, housing/home environment, and youth development.


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Upcoming Events

  • Feb 20-Feb 21
  • Adairsville, GA
  • Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Diabetes? Join us to engage in 6 free, interactive, and fun sessions that were developed to provide community residents with the tools needed to better manage their diabetes in order to reduce complications and lead healthier, longer lives. Participants completing 5 of 6 classes will receive a certificate.
  • Feb 21
  • 9:00 AM | Ellijay, GA
  • The Food Talk class is actually taught in six sessions. Learn how to cook healthy on a budget, the importance of fruits and vegetables, and about preventing foodborne illness. A healthy recipe will be prepared for tasting and a gift will be given away at each class. Contact Becca Pritchett for more information and to pre-register for classes/sessions.
  • Feb 21
  • 3:30 PM | Cleveland, GA
  • Workshop geared towards helping homeowners and small orchard owners to learn how to graft their own apple trees. This course will teach participants apple grafting techniques by having hands on learning. Dr. David Lockwood from UT, Dr. Dario Chavez from UGA, and Mr. Ray Covington from Blairsville, Ga will be our main speakers. Participants will go home with 5 trees they grafted and a grafting knife.
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